Online Migration
Exec Committee - Questionnaire
Electronic AGM Methodology
The concept of electronic AGMs has been conveyed to attendees at the 2019 AGMs  The basic idea is that an informational newsletter describing all the regional and national issues that need commenting at the AGM be provided via email and PDF download to all the members.

Members are then provided with access to an online response form (similar to this one) where they can record their input and transmit back to the regional and national management.

The first decision they will be called upon to make is to accept the idea of electronic voting. This will enable them, via our online portal, to accept or reject budgets,  vote for or against the installation of  candidates to the regional committee and do virtually anything normally dealt with at a traditional regional AGM.

If the majority request it, a video conference can be set up to deal with issues that they deem cannot be settled without face contact.

Before we can proceed with this we need a decision from the incumbent committee endorsing the proposal to reccommend  this switch of methodology.  Please proceed to respond to the questionnaire below.